Créche - Ages 0-3

If you are too young for Junior Church there is a soft seating area in one of our side aisles with toys and books, to allow parents with very young children and babies a little more freedom while remaining in the service.

Parents with young children or babies are also welcome to come into the Children’s Room to get a taste of Junior Church and to join in whenever possible – or alternatively the comfortable Anteroom (next to the Children’s Room) gives parents a quiet area to be with their children, if at any time during services that would be helpful.

We do ask that you stay with your children, but please don't worry if their enjoyment of being in church involves a bit of noise - we are delighted that you are with us!

If you would like to know more, do contact Fiona Livingstone, our Children’s Worker, at or speak to her on 01865 761661.

You can read St Clement’s Church safeguarding policy here.