Find St Clement's

St Clement's church family gatherings, events, and activities take place in several different locations in the St Clement's area.

The Church

St Clement's Church is at the Oxford end of the Marston Road (OX4 1FN). The driveway leads down to the entrance to the church. Parking is available for Sunday Services, which take place in the Church.

St Clement's Centre

Our Centre is in Cross Street (OX4 1DA), and houses our Parish Office and the St Clement's Community Property Trust office.  A number of other charities also work out of the Centre, including the Oxford Churches Debt Centre and the Oxford Winter Night Shelter.  The Centre is the venue for our Baby and Toddler Group, Café Club, and lots more!

The Mish

The Mish is where St Clement's youth meet. You can find the entrance behind The Living Room, off Boulter Street (OX4 1AG).


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