Acts 435 is a revolutionary website that allows people to help others in need. Managed through a network of churches and local charities, the goal is to get 100% of donations to those in need as quickly as possible.

St Clement's is pleased to be an Acts 435 church. Requests for help are normally from, or on behalf of, a person within or known to the church family, or a local referring agency (such as a Debt Centre or a Social Worker).

Donors may be anywhere in the country, or indeed the world, and donations are funnelled through Acts 435 to the person making the request. Checks and balances are in place to prevent abuse of the system, and to ensure that donations are received by the person for whom they are intended.

Theresa Gray is the St Clement's Acts 435 Advocate, appointed by the PCC to assess any requests that may be received. You can contact Theresa here, or learn more about Acts 435 here.

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