What can I expect on a Sunday?

Sunday services at St Clement's provide space for our church family to worship God together. The atmosphere is friendly and we hope you will experience a warm welcome if you are new.

Generally, services start with a welcome, which leads into a time of sung worship. The songs and hymns we sing at St Clement's are a mixture of new and old, and are led by a band involving youth and adults. We sing to express our thanks and praise to God for who He is, and all He has done and is going to do.

During our Services, we hear from God's Word, the Bible, which is usually followed by a talk to help us unpack and apply to our own lives, the Word that we have heard read.

After the talk there might be a time to reflect on what we've heard and consider our response to God. If you would like someone to pray with or for you, please do ask the Service leader.

Our services usually end with a final song or hymn of worship, and a blessing as we prepare to go out into our daily lives.

After the service there is always time to enjoy refreshments together, and to catch up with others in our church family. We look forward to meeting you!

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