Latest Covid-19 measures: We are now permitted to meet in the Mish for youth activities, as per government guidance which allows for youth sector activities to be exempt from the 6-person limit for social gatherings.  Young people will be required to wear face masks (we have some if you forget to bring one) and there is an attendance limit of 15 people.  We will be ensuring that social distancing guidelines are followed and that all surfaces in the Mish are cleaned after use.  We will need to have some parental contact details for each young person for Track and Trace purposes - if you have filled in one of our General Consent Forms in the past then you do not need to take any action on this.  Please see below for information on our current Covid-19 practices,specific to each activity, and drop Dave an email at if you have any questions.


Overflow meets every Saturday from 7-8.30pm and is a great opportunity to socialise with friends, and enjoy some great games, activities and of course snacks! We also have a group discussion about a different theme each week, using the Bible to explore how our faith in Jesus can impact our everyday lives. Aside from this weekly pattern, we also run Overflow trips out. These include outings to Christian events in Oxford and Soul Survivor's Saturday Celebrations in Watford, as well as social trips like bowling and ice skating. Once a month we hold an Overflow social, where we encourage our young people to bring their friends along for an evening of activities or a film.

For the time being, Overflow will be slightly shorter than usual.  This is due to the fact that face masks will need to be worn for the duration of the session (unless a young person has an exemption), and to limit the risk of infection between group members.  Individually wrapped snacks will be provided until it is safe to provide food for sharing.

Space is our after-school drop-in, which runs every Wednesday in term time from 3.30-5pm in The Mish. Here young people get the chance to unwind after a day at school with table tennis, pool, xbox and table football on offer, as well as group games and of course some snacks! Space is designed to be accessible to all - whether you're a regular at St Clement's or a first-timer, you're guaranteed to have fun and make some friends. Face masks must be worn by all attendees who do not have an exemption, and all snacks provided will be individually wrapped.



Youth Church

On the 2nd and 5th Sundays of the month, the young people meet in The Mish from 10.30am for Youth Church. Here we look at the themes that are being explored in the main service as a youth group, using discussions and prayer activities to help us engage with the Bible and apply it to our lives. Once the session is finished, we walk up to the church together for the tea and coffee time at the end of the service. For the remaining Sundays, we worship together with the whole church family.

Covid-19 measures: Youth Church will be meeting in the children's room in our church building rather than at the Mish because Junior Church need to use the main space in the Mish in order to socially distance.  We have cleared the pre-school toys out of the room to allow more space (sorry young people!) and will again be wearing face maks and ensuring that social distance is adhered to. 


Encounter logo smaller

Encounter is a monthly event on Thursdays for 11-18 year-olds where we gather to spend time in worship together. Our aim at Encounter is really simple: to draw closer to God and encounter Him. At each gathering we have some sung worship, followed by a talk or a relaxed time to pray, either on your own or with a leader if you'd prefer. 

Unfortunately we are currently not allowed to have group singing under Coronavirus guidelines.  Since Encounter is heavily based on sung worship, we are not able to restart this activity for the time being.  Keep your eyes peeled on this page for news of when Encounter will be relaunching.


You can read St Clement’s Church safeguarding policy here.

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